Car Insurance When Traveling Outside the US.

Car Insurance when traveling outside the US can be daunting. Most of the rental companies provide basic coverage. But sometimes, it may only provide minimal coverage. In that case, you will have to buy additional insurance coverage for your safety in an overseas country. The price of insurance plans can vary from place to place. Do your homework, find your basic insurance requirements, and then reach out to the rental companies that offer the best plans.

Traveling by car gives a better opportunity to explore and discover different areas. But are you aware of the coverage implications and rules in the host country? Is your car covered in a foreign land?

If you are planning to travel in a car, you can either take your own car or hire a car abroad. In any case, it is better to get everything in order and have the basic knowledge before you set off. In this article, we have talked about car insurance when traveling outside the US. So, keep reading to learn more and have a safe traveling experience.

When you are driving your car abroad.

The following tips will guide you if you are planning to travel outside the US in your car.

Check the coverage offered by personal car insurance policies.

In most cases, personal car insurance policies do not cover when you go outside the US. However, you will most likely be covered if you are going to Canada. Some policies also provide coverage when you travel to Mexico.

So, ask your local agent whether your insurance plan provides coverage or not, and if it does not offer coverage, you can ask for other alternative options to purchase to keep your car protected. You may also get coverage if you have bought a personal umbrella policy. While going abroad in your car, take your insurance certificates to show that you have car insurance.

Take your valid US license card.


To travel in a country outside the US freely, you need to prove that you are lawfully permitted to drive your car. Most of the countries accept International Driving Permit (IDP). This document will let you drive in countries that recognize IDP.

It resembles a valid US license card as in it a US license is translated officially in 10 different languages. This translation allows foreign authorities to understand driving permissions smoothly. To apply for an IDP, you need to be 18 or 18 plus and have a legal license card.

Travel safe with travel insurance

Unfortunate events can happen anywhere. To be safe, it is important to get travel insurance if you are deciding to travel abroad. Your car insurance may cover your car or your minor personal injuries. But in case of an accident, other medical expenses will not be covered in it.

Understand the rules of the road in the foreign country

Americans, when travel to other countries, often gets surprised by receiving expensive traffic tickets. This is because each country has its set traffic rules that vary from country to country. So, it is advised to understand the traffic rules thoroughly before you sit behind the wheel.

When hiring a car abroad.

If you plan to hire a car in a foreign land, you will have to buy rental car insurance. Every country has its own insurance requirements. To avoid trouble in the future and learn what the set insurance requirements in a particular country are, it is better to contact the US embassy in that country.

Consider the following things if you are planning to hire a car while traveling abroad.

Determine what your car rental covers with Car Insurance When Traveling Outside The US

As mentioned earlier, different countries have their own set of insurance rules. You will be obliged to follow those rules and buy the insurance policy they make necessary for the travelers.

The basic insurance types that you need to have to rent a car are usually included in the car rental contract. It can provide you:

Vehicle theft cover: Robbery can happen no matter where you are. Vehicle theft cover will provide you protection from any loss or damage done to the car as a result of theft.

Third-party cover: It will cover for damage or injury caused by a third-party. For instance, if another driver hits your insured car, then the damage to the car will be covered in it.

Vehicle damage cover: Any damage caused by a direct or accidental incident is covered in the vehicle damage insurance policy.

Purchase an additional insurance coverage

Read terms and conditions carefully re Car Insurance When Traveling Outside The US.

To stay safe, it is better to read the car rental company’s terms and conditions online before you go buy their plan. Sometimes you can have access to complete documentation only at the desk. However you get the documentation, check that it matches your needs and requirements.

If you plan to travel long journeys, then the insurance plan should cover you for unlimited mileage. Also, check the kind of car you are renting. Make sure you are familiar with it and know how its system works. Rental companies charge extra for automatic cars.

Also, it is better to check your credit card statement when you are traveling abroad to ensure there are no hidden charges involved. If there are extra charges you were not aware of, you can report them to the rental company or the credit card provider.

Take public transportation when traveling in the city center.

Taking public transportation can save your time and energy when you are unfamiliar with a hectic place. Avoid taking your rental car to the narrow streets and congested areas. Also, keep an eye on the speed limit. The average speed limit in the US is 70 mph. It can be different in other countries.


Whether you are taking your personal car or renting a car while traveling outside the US, it is better to get fully insured. Every country has different insurance requirements. Learn what those basic requirements are so you do not face any trouble in the future. Travel safe with car insurance!

Car Insurance When Traveling Outside The US
Car Insurance When Traveling Outside The US

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