Legal Driving and Liability Insurance

Legal Driving and Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is the most basic, and often the only mandatory type of auto insurance. The following is some information on this insurance.

Liability auto insurance is a type of car insurance coverage that outlines a driver’s potential financial responsibility. It is required in most states, and it ensures that if someone causes damage to another’s person or property, the at-fault party will be responsible. Premiums for liability insurance pay for this coverage. Below is some information on mandatory liability insurance, and on how to protect against those who drive without it.

Why is Liability Insurance Required for Legal Driving?

Liability insurance is required in all states so that anyone who suffers any damage because of another’s driving is never left stranded, having to pay for the at-fault party’s mistakes. Although in most places, it is legally required, there are, unfortunately, drivers who do not have it, who contribute to chaotic driving situations at times.

What About Those Without Mandatory Liability Coverage?

As some drivers choose not to pay for the required minimum insurance (and drive illegally). It is always possible that an innocent party could have to pay for damages sustained if any repairs (including medical costs) are desired or needed if the at-fault party does not have liability auto insurance. That is why optional insurance called uninsured motorist insurance is available for those who wish to pay for coverage that covers damages sustained by any other driver who does not have the mandatory liability coverage. Essentially, this type of car insurance pays for repairs that result from another driver’s poor driving. So that not too much of a financial burden is placed on the victim if the victim wants to restore any damaged property or pay for medical assistance when the at-fault party cannot pay.

Two Main Types of Liability Car Insurance for Legal Driving

There are two main types of liability coverage. Bodily injury liability is an insurance that covers health costs that the victim in an accident has to pay for treatment. It also covers any other expenses resulting from injury, including emergency response following accidents and even lost income due to a victim’s subsequent inability to work.

The other type of liability coverage is property damage insurance. It is a coverage that the at-fault driver’s insurance provider pays when the insured causes damage to another’s vehicle or any other property while the insured driver is behind the wheel.

Both types of liability coverage make driving in general much safer and fairer; as when responsible parties have this coverage, no one will have to pay for repairs to his or her person or property that result from damages caused by another. It is, in states which require it (and almost all do, and those that do not require liability coverage do have laws that serve the same purpose. Such as those requiring drivers to have assets that have enough value to pay for any damages caused) is the only type of mandatory auto insurance that is necessary for legal driving.

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