Car Insurance

Road vehicle insurance is for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles it is typically utilised to provide financial liability protection against vehicle damage or bodily injury in the event of traffic accidents. In addition to collision coverage, vehicle insurance may offer financial protection against such things as theft of the vehicle, natural or non-collision (i.e. stationary objects) as well as the damage sustained by the vehicle in the event of weather or from accidental collisions. The rules surrounding vehicle insurance regulations differ depending on where you live.

Home insurance

In the real estate industry, ‘homeowner’s insurance’ is a type of insurance commonly known as HOI a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy offers different types such insurance coverage for both loss and bodily injury liability, as well as the specific need for replacement of living expenses in the event of a loss and/a loss of property of the policyholder.

Additionally, home insurance also provides financial protection in case of a disaster. A standard homeowner’s policy insures the home and its contents.

travel insurance

For unexpected financial loss during your travels, whether you are abroad or in the United States, travel insurance is required. Comprehensive insurance generally includes emergency medical expenses, as well as trip cancellation, loss of luggage, and liability.


Frequently asked questions.

A legal and wise coverage for car drivers.

Home owners insurance covers us for accidental dmage and loss at home and outside the home, check your policy.

Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. Be covered, be safe.

More and more insurers are offering Covid insurance.

For a very reasonable cost, we can be covered.

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